Spring Soap Box Reveal and Summer Box Launch!

Yay for May! I hope you are all enjoying your fun May activities and looking forwards to a beautiful summer. We are still getting ready for the arrival of our baby girl… a day that we have excitedly been referring to as “B DAY”!

If you have been following along with me on my little soap journey, you will know that I launched Three Kitty Soap Co. this year as a way to sell my handmade soaps to the public. My family loves these soaps and I wanted a way to share them with others. This spring, I launched the Spring Soap Box and people were pleased with what they received!

  1. Lemon Poppyseed Farm Soap: A light, refreshing lemon scent with scrubby poppy seeds.
  2. Lavender Chai Farm Soap: A floral, vanilla scent with lavender dispersed throughout.
  3. Hippie Dippie Salve: Made with good for you vitamin E and shea butter, great for dry skin, cuticles and scars!
  4. Green Willow Homestead Seeds: Organic, non-GMO flower seeds to brighten up your garden this spring!

I’m really excited to announce the Summer Soap Box preorder! I will be running the preorder from May 14-25th with boxes going out on June 11th. If you would like local pickup, please use coupon code “LOCAL” to waive the shipping fee. This box will be similar to the spring box but will have a new body care item and fun, fruity scents! If you miss this box, you will have to wait until August to preorder the fall box so I would grab yours now while you can. Check out the Summer Box here!

I am also excited to announce that I’ll be having two limited edition soaps coming out this summer that will be available for order in single bar quantities. These soaps will have a more artisanal look to them and I’m really excited to make them!

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