Spring 2018 Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

I love a good capsule wardrobe, especially since I wear basically the same clothes every week anyways! Plus, the fashion industry is pretty messed up. I was recently part of an e-commerce photo shoot and the way they manipulate the clothes on these already perfect looking models? It’s no wonder we order clothes, receive them and wonder if it’s even the same item!

But that’s a story for another post… Capsule wardrobing is PERFECT for maternity because although it’s 9 months of your life, it’s only 9 months of your life. And who has the money to buy tons of new clothes that they can only wear for one season? Some of my maternity clothes shopping tips include buying multiples of something you really love in different colors and shopping at resale shops – lots of moms don’t have the space to store their maternity clothes and will sell them at resale shops like Clothes Mentor or thredup.com. I’d also like to point out that this specific capsule wardrobe is more appropriate for a stay at home mom or work from home lady. There’s no fancy business attire in here because I don’t have the need for it. I’ve also linked most of the pieces I suggest! 

Dresses… I love a basic black t-shirt dress with converse and a jacket and this fun patterned dress from Target is perfect with a cardigan!

Layering/Outerwear… Cardigans are the best basics in my opinion. I’d love to add a blush cardigan to my collection for spring! And the best part is that cardigans and jackets will still fit you post baby. 

Tops… I’ll be honest, I bought 2-3 of each of these back in the fall when I found out I was pregnant. I match them with jeans, leggings and maxi skirts. I also have a few basic tank tops for layering or to wear on their own. 

Bottoms… You can’t go wrong with leggings and skinny jeans! It took me forever to find a good fit for maternity jeans… these Jessica Simpson ones are fabulous and they’re often on sale! I also think a maxi or midi skirt is nice for those warmer days. I’m currently wearing my jersey fabric maxi skirts that I had pre-pregnancy! They’re stretchy so they still work for me. 

Shoes… I’m obsessed with these pink Converse! They’re a dressier version of my basic white ones and I wear them often. Good rainboots and nude flats are also a must. I heard that Target will have their tall Hunter boots soon so if you see a pair at your local store, snatch them up!

Accessories… These accessories are what I’m currently lusting after. I love the idea of a scarf that can be used for nursing after baby gets here! I’ve been drooling over the bracelet stack from Kendra Scott and the convertible day bag from Humble Hilo! And finally, I think I will probably be ordering some Overtone condition in Silver since I still have some purple left in my hair but wouldn’t Rose Gold be such a fun color for Spring?

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