My Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves 1st & 2nd Trimester

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I can’t believe I’m finally in my third trimester of pregnancy. It’s shocking how quickly, yet how slowly the time goes! I thought it would be a fun idea to do a short roundup of my top 5 pregnancy must haves for the first and second trimesters. So here we go…

  1. A snoogle pillow! Seriously, Bill got me one for Christmas when I was about 12 weeks along and it’s changed everything. I was having such bad hip pain from my hips moving, shifting and stretching and a body pillow just wasn’t cutting it. Plus I was spending most of my days laying on the futon and trying not to vomit so any added comfort was great.
  2. HUGE WATER RECEPTACLES! There’s so many reasons that having multiple quart-sized mason jars on hand has been necessary these past months. There were some days that water was just about all I could keep down so Bill would fill me up an ice water when he left for work and it would last me awhile. Plus, pregnancy plus winter weather made my skin dry as a desert so I needed all the extra water I could get. You can also get reusable straws and tumbler tops for your jars if you choose!
  3. Fresh fruit and lots of it! Cut it up. Eat a ton. It’s easier to throw back up if you’re suffering from morning sickness (or all day sickness) and it helps you stay hydrated. Blend it into smoothies. Eat it by itself. Eat it with whatever else you can stomach! Fruit is the best. 
  4. Sheet Face Masks! If you can’t get off of the couch because you feel like literal dog poop, sheet face masks are a great way to feel just a little better. On the days I showered, I would take a shower, rub myself down with some lotion and throw on a hydrating face mask. At least my skin felt nice!
  5. Some serious lip care products! My lips are always super chapped but being pregnant has magnified this by a thousand. Between throwing up all the time and sleeping with my mouth open thanks to all the extra mucus in my sinuses, my lips were wrecked. I’ve recently been loving Vaseline’s Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy in the tin. 



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